Fund raising and Antisipate

I have noted that people have been asking about what we are doing for fund raising. I actually have been reluctant to talk about our funding situation simply because it never has been successful. We our participating with the FSF in fundraising through the working together for free software fund and I think we have now for more than a year. The main reason I had been reluctant to do crowd funding, for example like mailpile did, rather honestly, is, based on all other funding experiences I have ever had, I feared it would be entirely unsuccessful as well, and that would be even more of a motivational set back than not doing so.

Our primary public resource is a development server hosted by a volunteer entirely for free, and we were very lucky to finally get that earlier in the year. Some have asked what funding we might need. I do think just to keep things going the way we do actually need to, we would need to find a minimum of 10k, and most ideally we would wish to secure 100K for the next year or two.

In regards to success and failure of other SIP based VoIP clients, which so often is discussed, one of the reasons I held back on doing one for so long is that I did not want to create yet another client that would also be too complex for normal people to setup and actually get working in real world environments. I feel we have finally come up with a design that offers the true simplicity needed for our goals, and have worked through enough of the other problems that I believe we can finally provide one that can finally just work out of the box when it is complete. Antisipate is not meant to address all the many complex enterprise integration needs and specialized features, or to support multiple protocols, that many other existing VoIP applications provide, but rather will provide a simple and reliable means to do secure communications that just works, while remaining faithfully standards compliant and fully inter-operable with other people who may be using such things.

Antisipate is also helping us address issues in sipwitch itself, particularly in that it has made completion of sipwitch media proxy integration, and other sipwitch features, much more urgent. I believe the sipwitch 2.0 feature set will be completed and delivered in conjunction with completion of the first widely usable antisipate client. Our goals do require delivering both together.

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  1. kl Says:

    About the crowd funding, donations.
    If you have experienced past failures in that area, I acknowledge, that you do not like the idea.
    But fact is you know, the application you want to make, ought to be made. As I wrote before,
    not even all the prism media coverage will likely stop the ignorance on privacy. But still you should
    give it a go. You at least have the technical ability to try.
    I do not think, you can pull an crowd funding on this application without some professional level of marketing.
    I had heard nothing of mailpile, until in Diaspora there was a posting, asking to fund an email client with easier usability. From there I got to indiegogo, and from there to the mailpile homepage.
    I want to make this remark. Mailpile does nothing new, the may do it better. But well working gpg email client solutions are present. Still they succeeded.
    Encrypted sip softphones are out there. To me none of them works well. I should want to know what other users say. So antisipate focusing on usability should have potential.
    Using the info about the mailpile crowd funding process, I made this analysis.
    The indiegogo mailpile site was explanatory, but not alienating non techs. You got to understand their goal, not how they want to do it.
    First time I clicked indiegogo mailpile, the account was close to zero. I payed nothing. Second time it was about 20000, I payed nothing, but did not rule it out. Third time it was 40000, and I paid.
    Now I do not know whether it was coordinated, and in that case maybe infringing indiegogo rules, but mailpile got a few big funders, and it could have kicked the funding off. I do not know the timeline. Now if it somehow could get coordinated, that an Antisipate funding would start with some amount, that could be useful.
    I do not recall, that the public relations department of mailpile was overheated, but they made some posts. You could follow, that there was some activity.
    On Antisipate, where is the homepage? Facebook page, although self contradictory some may want to support? Disaspora? Frindica? Tweeter? There are more. I do not know, but maybe mailpile got posts into all these networks?
    All Antisipata should focus on is, what it provides, not how. Pictures. References to prism, nsa, surveillance. Again and again emphasize, that Antisipate is open source, that makes eavesdropping on audio, video and message calls impossible or difficult. And still an easy application to install and use. Now should be good to launch such marketing.
    One thing I did not like about the mailpile founding was, that it took no more than about 2000 payments to reach 100000. That shows, that mailpile maybe did not penetrate the public in a large scale. I would have preferred had they got 3 usd from 30000.
    I think it is better you do no coding for a month, and instead set up a proper marketing.

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