How to participate in GNU Telephony Development

Sometimes people ask how they can participate in the development of our packages, such as sipwitch and antisipate. We have worked on making it very easy for people to participate directly on our code. One of the special things we have done is create a git repo that checks out and builds all our packages together in a single source tree. This can be accessed from anonymous git:

git clone git://
cd sources

This does an anonymous checkout and then sets up and builds an entire project tree of all my packages through a single top level make. Of course cmake means I can also use ctest, and we will eventually create a continuous build server in the future to make use of this. This is part of why we choose to maintain our own dev server for this project. As we use gitolite, people who actively participate in GNU Telephony can also be added for git write access. Otherwise, git makes it very easy for someone to produce a patch that can be submitted by email.

The README.DEPENDENCIES covers what system dependencies need to be installed for Debian. I also documented the dependencies we require for building on Fedora. Other GNU/Linux distros should be as easy to use to develop from also. Finally, we also have “git clone git://”, which has a that does an automake build tree for those packages we currently support automake for.

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