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MyServer agile development

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

After many discussions we finally decided to move our development model to something more dynamic, embracing some agile techniques like unit testing and test driven development.
The most important feature for this model is that code is frequently committed to the central subversion repository and project developers are allowed to commit patches without a previous review. In fact the review phase is postponed after the patch is committed and notified on a commits mailing list, where all developers can look at it and eventually show mistakes; in any case a commit must be done only after the source code is validated by the test suite. The main disadvantage is that the repository can contain not stable code but on the other hand, it is always updated and contains latest changes. Branches are not frequent but they are used in case a commit or a group of commits will change important features, e.g. switching to an event driven scheduler that changed the core classes of MyServer.

TDD is not used for normal classes development but it is required for bug fixing, where it is possible. In this way we will be sure the same bug will not appear again in the future. Old classes still are missing tests, not for all of all adding tests is a trivial task, in many cases there is need to refactor a lot of code before it is possible to write tests.
Some reports to help the development are automatically generated from the latest repository version source code and they are available in the Development section of the MyServer web site. A particular attention is given to the code complexity, methods must be as shorter as possible to make testing easier and especially to make the source code more readable.

We decided to have a release only when all the planned objectives are completed but until it is achieved some alpha releases can be done on fixed dates. After a release, new objectives are planned for a new cycle.