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Well, it’s time also for me to write something here:) the last months I worked on rewriting and refactoring the plugins management in MyServer, in order to simplify the inner management, the development and the outer (users-side) management of plugins.

To reach the first two goals, I removed all the different kind of plugins were defined before, in order to obtain a system simpler to manage. The plugins manager now perform versions checking and in a better way dependencies checking. If someone wants to write some plugin for myserver, and he find some trouble with the Plugins Manager or things there can be some improvement on it, I encourage him to write any idea on the mailing list :)

To simplify the management of plugins for the end-users, I wrote a simply tool in python that will help the users to manage plugins. i called it myserver-get because of its similarities with the well known apt-get tool for packages management in debian-based GNU/Linux distributions.
It’s written in python, it works only with HTTP and FTP protocols, and implements the following commands:
- install: install a plugin or a list of plugins with all the dependencies.
- update: update the local plugins lists
- search: search for a plugin containing a word or a sentence in the description (use -v to have a more verbose response)
- source: download the sources of a plugin or a list of plugins.
- source-auto: download, compile and install a plugin or a list of plugins. this command doesn’t check for dependencies.
- remove: remove a plugin or a list of plugins.

a plugins repository should have the following features:
- a directory src with the source packages and a directory pub with the binary packages
- a file list.xml. You can find an example file that shows the simply syntax in the folder misc/myserver-get on the svn.

the source and binary packages should be created with the scons tool and the SConstruct file you can find in the plugins directory on the svn.

Myserver-get is not just a command-line tool, it’s also a library, in order to be easily included in a future GUI configuration and managing tool for MyServer.

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  1. Kylie Batt Says:

    Офигительная штука, посмотрел, всем советую……

    To reach the first two goals, I removed all the different kind of plugins were defined […….

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