Use Gnulib to improve portability

It was already too much time in my todo list but I finally migrated MyServer to use Gnulib. For those who don’t know, as stated on its homepage “Gnulib is a central location for common GNU code, intended to be shared among GNU packages“. Differently from other libraries, it is shared at source level, that means you literally copy the source files that you need in your project tree and use them as you wish.
The nice thing of this approach is that you will not have to worry about different versions as you choose exactly which one to use; the very nice thing is that it will work in the same way on different systems.
Still there is much code that needs a review and eventually be dropped in favor of a Gnulib module, in other cases there is need of new C++ classes to wrap the Gnulib C APIs.

Many thanks to the Gnulib authors.

The official Gnulib page:

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