Monatsarchiv für April 2009


New loops added, bugs fixed


Three new loops, designed by Shaker08, have been added to the official distribution. Some of them have been added to work with the new “bi-sampler” wich eases fading between to parallel samples. Also, two sings that we recorded with other hackmeeting activists and were used in the a live performance to denounce the high presence of propietary software in the OSWC 08 have also been added :)

Also, those who find extremely annoying that the program leaves CEGUI.log files in the current working directory must be happy, the bug have been fixed.

Get all these nice things here.

I’m going to stop making short releases for a while to focus on my studies and porting all the GUI to MyGui. Most GUI related bugs such as clicks trespassing windows should be fixed once finished, and also the installation dependencies as we are going to distribute our own copy of MyGui by now.

New bugfix release

Sadly, the last release had a grave bug in the installation process, related to a non-standard handling of installation directories. It is now fixed and I decided that, as it is a important bug that can cause problems to packagers, a new release was worth it -sorry for making so many releases in this short time. Thanks to Aleksander Morgado for discovering the problem.

Get it here!

Also, there are good news for those having problems compiling the program. Aleksander Morgado and Daniel Gonzalez have offered help to keep updated the Debian and Ubuntu packages. Many thanks!

Psychosynth 0.1.3 released

Hello :-)

Psychosynth 0.1.3 have just been released fixing many bugs and annoyances. Some of them include:

  • Compilation issues in previous release should be fixed.
  • Resizing the psynth3d window now works ok.
  • The samples list in psynth3d is correctly populated the first time you run the program.
  • Solved several problems with ALSA output.

Also, we have strengthened the development method by writing test cases, and improved the error handling system of the program. Other important technical changes but they won’t show up until later releases.