Documentation ad-nauseum.

Unversity examinations, these Moodle plug-ins that I get paid for and working for the revolution have kept us busy for writing this very delayed post, but here we are.

On late December I met the great people behind the Artquimia music production school to better shape the project requirements for the needs of real-world musicians. We presented the project to their students and debated about how different modular synths and systems did this and that to get a clear picture of our goals.

This work has enabled us to write the first chapters of the Master Thesis project documentation. You can check its current status here. Remember that this is a working draft, thus you should expect spelling and writing mistakes, inaccuracies, falacies, frequent changes and so on. However, if you are interested in this project, specially if you are planning to collaborate at some point, please, read it!.

On the future events side, there is a presentation of the project with a brief introduction to its technical details and the ongoing work on the 14th of March in the University of Córdoba. There will be a small live performance too.


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